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Law Office of T. Elizabeth Fields' Approach

One Planned Course of Action

No matter how successful, self-reliant, or secure you may be, when divorce occurs, it impacts all aspects of your life, as well as your future. That is why it is crucial to have the support you need at this challenging time - especially from those who provide you with legal representation. At the Beverly Hills Law Office of T. Elizabeth Fields, Professional Law Corporation, a qualified attorney brings her unique experience and perspective to each divorce case she handles. T. Elizabeth Fields, lead attorney at the firm and a Certified Family Law Specialist, State Bar of California, California Board of Legal Specialization, explains her approach to handling a family law case: "I take a bull's eye approach to resolving your family law matter, and I leave no stone unturned". T. Elizabeth Fields carefully plans a course of action for each divorce case.

Giving One-to-One Attention to Clients

T. Elizabeth Fields takes a personal approach with each of her clients. This enables her to zone in on her client's particular concerns. She also strategizes with each client the future course of action to be taken on a particular case to ensure that every step taken is in accordance with the client's wishes, as well as in his or her best interests.

Helping Clients Make Informed Decisions

Law Office of T. Elizabeth Fields prides itself on treating its clients with respect and dignity at all times. T. Elizabeth Fields' abilities and straightforward approach when dealing with clients are treasured attributes. She tells clients the truth - not just what they want to hear. She explains to her clients all the legal aspects and potential outcomes of their cases so that they can make informed decisions about their future.

Alleviating Clients' Apprehensions About Their Future

T. Elizabeth Fields cites a high level of satisfaction with her work in family law. A great deal of pleasure is derived in "doing well for others". T. Elizabeth Fields says, "There is also satisfaction in getting what the client needs. During dissolution, the client is in a great state of crisis and panic. When a client walks through the door, everything is unstructured. But by the time I am done with the case, everything is neat and tidy, and the client is no longer so apprehensive about the future. I always say that divorce is like chopping down a tree. Some people have big trees, some have little ones, and some have little shrubs, but each tree is unique, and we have to cut down those trees branch by branch."

Trusted with High Profile Divorces

The firm is known for its work with high-profile clients; T. Elizabeth Fields co-authored an article for Orange County Lawyer magazine entitled: "The Celebrity Dissolution." In light of T. Elizabeth Fields' work with celebrities, the firm employs state-of-the-art security measures and procedures to ensure the utmost privacy and confidentiality to all of its clients. It prides itself on keeping its high-profile divorces out of the press and tabloids.

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