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Elizabeth Fields family law firm California lawyer and mediator Child and divorce, Orange County, Los Angeles attorneys
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Divorce Mediation

Due to the enormous amount of acrimony that often accompanies Divorce litigation, parties often seek alternative means to resolve their complex issues of Divorce.

T. Elizabeth Fields received her certification in 2004 as a mediator from the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution sponsored by the Los Angeles Superior Court at Pepperdine University School of Law. T. Elizabeth Fields has extensive experience also as a Settlement Officer of the Los Angeles Superior Court (2001 -2006).

T. Elizabeth Fields acts as mediator for couples who have already advanced their case to the point where the disclosure of their assets, debts, income, expenses, respective claims and assertions are known to the parties. However, the parties, due to varying reasons, are in disagreement and unable to resolve their issues.

When acting as a neutral third-party mediator instead of an advocate for her clients in family Court, T. Elizabeth Fields encourages her mediation clients to work together in finding a resolution of the various issues that come into play when ending a marriage. With more than 19 years of experience as a practicing family lawyer T. Elizabeth Fields takes both a facilitative and an evaluative approach in mediation to identify key issues, examine possible solutions, and reach mutually agreeable outcomes.

In many respects, mediation is a method to resolve disputes effectively and without Court intervention. The parties and T. Elizabeth Fields are held to the strictest level of confidence and shall not be required to testify in Court as to what was discussed or what papers were shown during mediation.

Law Office of T. Elizabeth Fields encourages its own clients who are involved in Court litigation to mediate their respective claims. The firm represents divorcing clients at private mediation whereby a mediator who is experienced in handling divorce matters will be hired to intervene as a third party to negotiate with the parties and counsel to resolve their disputes. Often, parties will jointly retain a retired judicial officer to act as a settlement officer to meet with them and their counsel to attempt to structure a comprehensive agreement.

Once the parties have reached settlement terms, if requested by both parties, Fields will prepare all appropriate paperwork that is required by California law to be filed with the Family Court to put the parties' terms into effect. This will typically include a stipulated Judgment for the Court to sign and make an enforceable order.

Although the parties have no way around filing papers to obtain their Divorce with the Court, the mediation process will allow them to never have to step foot into a Courthouse, and have Law Office of T. Elizabeth Fields handle the logistics from start to finish.

Contact our certified mediator and Certified Family Law Specialist, attorney T. Elizabeth Fields, to learn about mediation methods for resolving divorce issues such as property division, child support, spousal support, child custody and visitation, parental rights, and other family law matters.

For more information and a consultation with T. Elizabeth Fields please call (310) 860-7661.

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